The Battery2Life consortium will work on introducing two new battery system design frameworks serving the upcoming market needs: the first supports the business transition for the initial market by restructuring existing battery design patterns while the second one introduces completely new design principles for 1st and 2nd life of the battery. These new design frameworks will be deployed and evaluated for serving two promising and sustainable business cases: domestic storage application in Austria and a grid-scale storage application in Greece. The findings will be used to estimate the impact of the project results on the environment and the European economy and to prepare recommendations for standardisation Technical Committees.

The Business Cases

Domestic storage demonstration:
Smart home

The demonstration will aim to assess the efficiency and operation of the whole system using 2nd life batteries compared to 1st life batteries.

Grid-scale storage demonstration:
EV charging microgrid

The demonstration will aim to assess the suitability of the 2nd life storage system and its impact on the operation of the electromobility microgrid ecosystem.