The kickoff meeting of BATTERY2LIFE project, a new Horizon Europe project, was held on 23 & 24 January 2024, in Athens, Greece, hosted by I-SENSE Group, the project’s coordinator. Consortium partners had the chance to discuss the main objectives of the project and their strategy for the future.

The BATTERY2LIFE project aims to facilitate the transition of batteries to their second life, fostering innovation in the European Battery Industry. It focuses on implementing open and adaptable smart battery Management Systems (BMS) and enhancing system designs. Additionally, the project proposes methods for efficiently and reliably reconfiguring used batteries.

The BATTERY2LIFE project is comprised of 11 partners, two of which are associated partners. There are five research and academic organisations (ICCSCIDAITCSEMEPLF), four industrial partners (FRONIUSMIBAPPCSLG), one SME (ETE) and one standardisation body (UNE).